We pride ourselves on the quality of our deliverables and during their careers, our consultants have worked with clients across major verticals such as finance, retail, education, healthcare and legal - For both public and private sectors


we regularly conduct in-house research and development in order to provide the most complete and accurate service possible to our customers.


We have experience delivering various different types of penetration testing projects spanning a variety of scopes, as shown in our service offerings below.


Our cyber security services are designed to identify technical vulnerabilities, assess your security controls, and improve based on remedial recommendations.

Web Application

Manually assesses your web applications and supporting components. Using similar tools and techniques to legitimate threat actors, we identify vulnerabilities present within your applications and deliver recommendations to enhance your security posture.


Whether your mobile application is Android or iOS based, we can test for specific issues you may be concerned about, plus a range of essentials.


Our phishing assessment services test how your organisation would withstand each stage of a phishing attack, from reconnaissance to launch.

IoT / Hardware

We can reverse-engineer your devices to find vulnerabilities during development, assess source code and data in and out of systems, and identify vulnerabilities in product implementation and external libraries.

Code Review

Using manual and automated processes to systematically review an application’s source code and identify security flaws in the design and implementation and determine precise mitigations that are less likely to be found with traditional application testing.


Our testers are typically multi-disciplined and likley able to provide security assessments not covered by our typical services. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to assist where possible.